An introduction. Of sorts.

I’m The Goblin King. Or The Dirtgoblin. The name Dirtgoblin was given to me a long time ago in a country far, far away. I spent much of my time covered in diesel, which collects dirt like you wouldn’t believe. A black guy in my unit, whose name was White, thought it was funny that I could never get all the dirt off of myself. The diesel fumes had soaked into my clothes and skin and just collected dirt constantly. We didn’t have facilities to wash clothes very well and any showers we got were few, far between, and usually cold. So, about 27 years ago, I was dubbed “The Dirt Goblin.” Since I own my URL, I’m the king. So The Goblin King was a natural moniker.

Anyway. I was inspired to start a blog by a close friend who recently started her own. I find that I have a lot of things to say and have grown tired of not having a forum in which to speak them. Text message ranting is slow and often tedious for the receiver. Other social media forums are busy trying to out “Big Brother” each other and the SJWs still don’t have jobs that actually keep them busy and out of the adult’s hair.

I’m a dad to two teenaged boys. They are my finest accomplishment and my greatest source of pride. Children are a situation where they can be greater than the sum of their parts. Watching them grow and learn is endlessly fascinating to me. Seeing them take pride in their accomplishments is satisfying on a level I didn’t know existed. They are the absolutely most valuable things in my life.

I’m a Republican but reach into the Libertarian party for a lot of my thinking. Fiscally, I’m more conservative. If you can pay for it, then do it. If you can’t, then don’t. On social issues, I’m more of a “stay off my lawn” sort of person. If you’re not bothering me or destroying things I love, I give a shit less what you want to do. Once you start bothering me with your shenanigans, then we have a problem. I don’t want to pay for it, Utopia is a pipe-dream, and don’t come at me with hypocritical or fallacious arguments. If executing murderers is morally wrong, so is aborting babies. You can’t make a legitimate argument any other way.

As I said, keep your shit off my lawn and we’ll get along fine. Don’t ask me to play your silly reindeer games, then call me names when I refuse. Likewise, don’t ask my opinion and then try to bully me to change it. It’s my opinion. Change my mind with facts and proof. I take very little on faith alone. I have no problem being wrong, but I won’t take your word for it. Science isn’t infallible and anyone has power and/or is making money will tell you anything under the sun to increase either.

I am a fan of our Founding Fathers and the documents they’ve left for us. I believe in the rights described in the Constitution and agree that they need little interpretation. The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers give ample background on original intent. What Europe is doing or not doing is of little concern to me. Historically, they’ve created more problems than they’ve solved. I don’t see them as a useful guide on how to run a successful country. I’m a nationalist first, jingoist when necessary. We have what we have in this country because of us. Not because some asshat elsewhere in the world let us do it. Soverenty is something commonly taken for granted these days. Do not trust anyone who seeks to lessen it on any level. No good will ever come of it. There is no “right” or “better” way to subjugate people.

I served in the US military for 23 years and change. I enlisted under President Reagan and retired under President Obama. I am a supporter of all branches, but do have my favorites. I was deployed during the First Gulf War, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and again in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I retired before I could deploy to Afghanistan. I can honestly contribute my sense of humor and my sense of loyalty to my time in the military. Both have served me well.

That’s it for now. Maybe I’ll add more later.


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